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For the hobbyist or busy family,our garage kits will provide you with effective racks specifically designed for your passions, whether it be skiing, biking, golfing or gardening.


Garage Storage Kits.

Monkey Bars offers garage storage kits for all your garage storage solutions. Now your bikes can be hung up on the best Bike Storage Rack on the market. We have kits for Winter Ski’s, Golf Clubs and a Garden Tool Rack. For all of these items which are usually the hardest to get organized in the garage, Monkey Bars of SW Florida offers kits for every item.

The kits are installed in less than 15 min. We just find an area in your garage to install the rack, predrill the holes and use a screw the screws into the wall, it is that simple. Each rack will support a 120 lbs and is made of industrial Steel, with a powder coat finish that make your garage look brand-new. The hooks are structurally engineered and made of industrial steel and dipped in a rubber coating for a nice finish.

The Bike Rack, for example, can store 6 bicycles in a 4 ft area! This is simply amazing! The Hooks that fit on the bar can slide side to side allowing you to move the bikes in an order of most used bikes on the outside and bikes that are not used so frequently to the center.

The Ski Rack is a great way to get the ski’s out of the corner of the garage and up off the garage floor where they are exposed to mositure and abuse. In just a 4 ft area you can now store ski’s for the whole family with room to spare! The Rack is built to store 6 pairs of ski’s and poles. Keep your ski’s and other sporting equipment safe and organized with a new Monkey Bars kit.

Stay above par with a Monkey Bars Golf Bag Rack. The Golf Bag Rack is the only way to get the expensive clubs off the ground or out of the trunk and organized neatly in the garage. Now your can store as many as 4 to 6 Golf bags in a 4 ft space. This Golf Storage rack can keep them up high so your kids don’t use as play toys and your pets won’t chew holes in your bags.

The Garden Tools are the most widely used items that end up on the floor of the garage or laying in the yard, rusting and decaying because there isn’t a good place to put them. With this Garden Tool Rack you can store shovels, rakes, clippers, hedgers, wheel barrows, weed whackers pitch forks, axes and fertilizer spreaders neatly, organized and very accessible for you when you need them.

Contact Monkey Bars of Southwest Florida and let us show you how we can provide a kit and other garage storage plans for all of your garage storage concerns.


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